Thursday, December 29, 2005

Baton Rouge Is A Desolate Wasteland

However, this be some funny predictions about the interweb for 2006 from a guy who works on the fancy Firefox web browser.

Currently reading Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. Kind of a book about AI, and the similarities between the three aforementioned Germans. Not so much the people themselves, but what they produced. Kind of hard to describe, when I get a better handle on it, more will be said.

If only I could get Nate's Nintendo Wi-Fi USB dongle (technical term) to work at work, I could be rocking the wireless DS, since no one seems to want to work right now. 5 day weekend coming up, I certianly don't blame them for their lackadaisical attitude. Not to mention half of the bosses are gone, as well as most of the employees, so the ones that are left are shooting the breeze.

Off to find more creative ways to kill time than talk about myself.

I have no desire to see through my old eyes anymore, anymore.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Just Damn

The most depressing piece of journalism related to the future of My Fair City(tm).

Just Damn

If the NY Times removes the op-ed piece from the free section of their website, I'll just post the whole thing, It's just so blunt. Even though they look at it through their anti-Republican filter, you can't deny their charges.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Free Jazz

Not the style of jazz, cause I don't know enough to talk about that, free jazz as in free beer. Angeli has been hosting various local, and sometimes not so local jazz artists that are floating around NO. So for the price of a Guinness or a Lucifer Special, one can be treated to some great music. I love my city.

I can't wait to move to my trailer in Algiers. Yeah, I said it. Living in a trailer. On the westbank. Anything is better than living the white flight existence of living in a fucking subdivision in Baton Rouge (Highland Creek: A Restricted Subdivision) and commuting to the city everyday to make a buck. I feel like shit for all the gas we waste for all the regular reasons.

"If you buy gas, the terrorists WIN."

When I come back to the city, oh yes, there will be a party. A trailer trash party. At my new home, the trailer. Am I being redundant? It shall be on like the proverbial Donkey Kong. Wifebeaters in winter, this will truly be the OMGWTFROFLBBQ.

The network is breaking down at work, and while I'm not the 'IT guy' (the proper industry term for the guy who does that stuff) i tried to get it back up yesterday. I had to go into the ceiling, dropping massive amounts of itchy insulation onto my neck. Sucked the big one. After that I kind of stopped trying. Insulation reminds me of working in fiberglass, Now I'm pretty much just typing to kill time so I'm going to go. Don't want this thing to be one of those laundry list blogs where I just regale people with anecdotes about how interesting my experience at the laundromat was.

:::Posting this as my "network test"::

Friday, December 02, 2005

Move, Forward.........

To the future!!!

Writing this from my laptop on the corner of Magazine and Girod. What's the name of the wireless network I'm using? CityOfNewOrleans bitches!!! The 1st municipally owned wireless network EVER. Welcome to the future, won't you join me?


this for a more even handed explanation of the ins and outs. I can't contain my elation. The Postal Service makes me happy, and coupling that with discovering that a better New Orleans is already here, I can't even make regular sentences. Much less use HTML. I apologize.


Monday, November 21, 2005


Sometimes high school classes were just so boring that I couldn't help but fall asleep. The absolute worst though was when I would tell myself that a study hall period was scant minutes away, and if i could just stay awake through Mr. Leutzelschwab's 47th diatribe about Whirling Dervishes, I would be rewarded with high school style naptime, Study Hall. But when I entered the room prepared to sleep without fear of reprisal, sleep would not come. Impossible. It always seems to happen that way. Even in Arkansas.

14 hours of driving, including a 2 hour diversion changing a fan belt on my father's car so we could continue the drive. I stayed awake the whole time, as my navigational duties were terribly necessary for US Highways were the roads of choice on this trip. Towards the end of the drive, I started to doze off. Anticipating the waiting room chairs as my bed for the evening, I told myself to wait until I could sleep with a good conscience. But when I got to the hospital, the sleep would not come. Even when I stole a couch in one of the other rooms in the hospital, it still took a good while to actually get to sleep. I really hate when that happens.

Now I have a new sobrina. I am two times the tio. tio times two. J = 2*tio.

Mario Kart DS. If wireless go-kart racing with cats from around the world doesn't tickle your fancy, then you must not like videogames. It's obvious Nintendo has a hard-on for hardware that looks strikingly like what Apple hardware would look like if they made videogame systems. Their approach to UI's when it comes to internet connectivity is also a Xeroxed page out of the Apple UI bible(a shiny quarter to the one who can tell me why I said Xerox and not photocopied. Think context). Keep it simple. Make it work.

Man does it. 5 minutes in a home I wasn't even sure had wireless internet and I was connected. I beat the pants offa some fool with a Texas A & M logo as his emblem. Yay me. If Nintendo keeps this up, I might start being less scared about the Solid White Nunchaku that are on the way.

Who knows.

She doesn't have to have her Young Fresh Fellows tape back now. But there's not a lot of things she'll take back.

Nighttime 'do not operate heavy machinery' medicine is on the horizon. Good night.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Has it been almost a month?

Damn. Time flies in the BR whilst playing copious amounts of WoW.

DOOM(the film) is the best first person shooter I never played. I really think videogames are desensitizing me to gore and whatnot, because I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. Frickin heeelarious. The movie was way over the top, which I shall attribute my immense laughter, so that I don't sound like a crazy. This damn movie was so true to the Doom videogames, most of the end is in first person mode, and all you see is the gun at the bottom of the screen, bobbing along, FPS style. If anyone was as dissapointed at Land of the Dead as I was, go see this film. I can't believe I'm typing that, but I'm serious. A seriously gory action pic, based on equally gory videogames, just don't go to the midnight show with a squeamish girlfriend.

LSU Comp Sci is laughable. That is all on the school front. What's OOP, they ask? ::shudder::

Time for sleepy. Stay tuned though, because I will pretend this blog is school (probably get more out of it than that football school anyway) and talk about 2nd person narration!

Same Bat-time, Same Bat-channel.

BTW, Halloween Party up in mah hizzle the Saturday before the Hallows. I may or may not be Adam West.

Thursday, September 29, 2005


"The difference between Porn and Art is the lighting" - Ron Jeremy

The Hedgehog. Ron Jeremy. At LSU. If this school keeps this shit up, I may enjoy my short tenure at this place. If this thing was at the Cox Center, where I have Wi-Fi, I'd feel like a real-live blogger, writing about things in the present-tense and whatnot. He's debating about the good old pornography, and the other guy (don't ask me his name) is debating the flipside. I really don't know the other argument too well, so forgive me for not describing it. I should have more to say once this thing gets rolling, so for now, a tangent.

Historical Fiction. Love them segues. Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson is set during the scientific revolution of the 17th century and the invention of 'the calculus.' Newtonian vs. Leibniz-ian. Didn't even know there were two of 'em. Very interesting, for one of those page-turning, long-winded, best-selling(over-hyphenated?) books. It brings the scientific revolution to life in a way history books never do. All that accuracy never makes for good narrative. That's why the History Channel is Entertainment(big E), not science.

A tangent within a tangent. I must have nothing to say.

Back to the porn debate. Michael Leahy, the anti-porn guy, is a self diagnosed sex-addict. Claiming that his 'front row seat' to the development of the porn industry over the internet, working at IBM, turned him into a sex-addict. It's very interesting to watch Ron Jeremy as this guy gives his opening remarks. Listening intently, he is taking notes like a serious debater. Apparrently, Ron has a B.A in Theater and Education, with a Masters in Special Education. Impressive.

The rest of this post is being compiled after the fact with some neat snippets I wrote down in a text editor.

Both had some great quotables during the debate. As a rebuttal to the Leahy, Ron Jeremy claimed that one can get off to more than porn, citing masturbating to Gilligan's Island as a kid. Jeremy also claimed a strong edict of self-governance in the porn industry. Mr Leahy disagreed here citing the internet as area of focus for the hardcore that the traditional porn empire doesn't touch.

Despite Leahy's insistence on spouting douchebag motivational speaker drivel like "own your value system" and "think of intimacy as 'in to me, c?'" he wasn't all bad. He claimed to be anti-censhorship, and 'all about openness.' I think he, like Ron Jeremy, was a strong proponent of the family as the most important way to inform kids.

For the most part, everything Michael Leahy said was pretty common sense. He never really explained his platform really well besides admitting being a sex addict. He railed against porn for the way it makes one objectify women, but never answered to the fact that millions of people consume porn yet don't cheat on their wives or become sexual deviants/addicts. Overall, I think porn is good, so some guy who 'lost his wife to porn' really wasn't going to sway me.


Another Ron Jeremy Quote to finish this off : "John Holmes went from having sex with gorgeous women, to doing herion and gay porn, I call that a 'Bad Career Move!'

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chancellor Ryan Is Love

The other day(the 16th) I was composing a blog entry from the hallowed(...) halls of one Dodson Auditorium. I proceeded to lose my entire post but, it being one of those posts I could do without, I decided not to try and resurrect it. I was sitting in this smelly auditorium waiting for a lecture on Globalization (big G) and Language Vitality to commence. Once the Marcella arrived though, I remembered the Chancellor of my fair university was to be doing a spot of talking at the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athelets(redundant?), more specifically in the E.R "Bo" Campbell Auditorium. I know, it's a mouthful of advertisement and alumnus plugging you'd never see at UNO, but alas, LSU is rife with it.

Tim Ryan proceeded to elaborate on the status of the campus, the fact that his house is under 10 feet of water, and even reassured someone that if a high level Poli-Sci class would not be taught this, or next semester, that he "knew enough about politics to teach the course." Truly charming in the wake of disaster. I left impressed and safe in the knowledge that UNO was in good hands. And I got a free t-shirt! Oh, UNO, why do you spoil me so? I just love wearing a gray shirt with a pirate on the back in this blinding sea of yellow.

In other news, my stay at Casa del Campbell, Adam and Erin's house, will end very shortly. We, Marcella, Ed, Jamie, and I managed to get a four month lease on the place we'd been eyeing. I guess the landlord had one ounce of sympathy in his cold heart, considering that he tried to snake us into a year lease at first, KNOWING that we were refugees. Criminal. Or at least it should be. They watch for price gouging on gas and essential items during times of crisis, WHY THE HELL NOT HOMES???

Ah well, time for class. Computer Science is a waste of my time at LSU. Please look at the textbook required for this class.

"C for Tigers?"



Sunday, September 18, 2005

WoW Is A Feeling

I am officially on da crack. Taking a nod from the one called N to the S to the P, that's Nathan Scott Phillips for the ill-informed, who decided the best way to deal with the grief over a lost home was to buy a DS, I bought my own copy of World of Warcraft. It never floods in Azeroth. So that's good.

The problem I see on the horizon is the Mac compatibility of 'teh WoWZ'. Mobile WoW. LSU wireless. All these things come together to effectively end my life. It's over. Like the 3rd season of Chapelle's Show. Over.

On another note, the 4 people who read my blog need to Buy More Beer. It's for a good cause. I know how weird that sounds, but follow the fucking link and you'll see. And for those that don't love Abita, buy some for someone who does. Massive. Totally Massive. Booyakasha.

Simple sentence construction is the theme for today's blog. My brain must still be on WoW chat mode. I really had to clean out the cobwebs last nite at a pool bar to be able to speak to people about real things. And play, gasp, analog games like pool. I really suck at pool, but the three games Rob the pilot and I played we won, oddly enough.

The siren call of teh wow calls me. no time for love dr jones

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

FEMA: Not As Evil As X-Files Wants You To Believe

Well snap. This is the first time in my life the federal government has given me something to be happy about. Two G's. Not really much of a consolation considering the potential damage my house has sustained, but still. At least I can buy textbooks for class at a school I hate, and get an apartment in the city I hate. For those playing the home game, I'll give ya a shiny new penny to guess to where I'm referring.

There's some craziness going on in the national scale concerning the future of my once great city. The ill-informed speaker of the hizzouse, Dennis Hastert, wants to bulldoze 300 years of history. Some people in the news can't stop writing apocalyptic articles about how New Orleans will not come back(I'm linking the referring blog because the Washington Post requires registration). The link pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter as well. The city WILL come back. It will take some time.

The truth of the matter is, the city needed something to get it out of the slump it's been in since we missed the boat called economic development some 40 years ago. My house is gone. The recent levee break near my fair school may further prevent me from returning to my wonderful Computer Science department. Fine. But I will go back. What the fuck does everyone expect us to do? "Oh well, my home had it's fair share of problems mixed with a bevy of history unseen in the rest of this Great Subdiveded Plain. So what? I'll just make a new life for myself in whatever shithole I evacuated to!" Fat fucking chance. I didn't notice a great exodus of old farts and Cubans from Florida evacuating last year after 4 FUCKING HURRICANES hit that long ass state. And all they have there is Disneyworld and coke.

Honestly, I've considered leaving the state after I get my B.S in C.S. But that's leaving on my own terms. I had a plan to graduate from UNO (not on time mind you) and then figure this business out. And some stupid storm with a name like Katrina isn't going to change that.

Katrina could destroy my comics and my records, but not my home, or my sense of attachment to it.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Something Awful Is Right

The internet makes you stupid. About halfway down the page, some asshole named matthasaproblem. I just finished reading about 7 pages of a penny arcade forum thread entitled 'Hurricane Katrina.' I never read the penny-arcade forum. I actually hate most web-forums. The basic structure of a forum thread, If I may: Some asshole espouses some crazy, off the wall idea in an attempt to get noticed in the sea of other stupid comments, pictures, and links to so called funny videos. He then has to defend his claim in an attempt to not lose face in his imagined community that he has invested so much of his valuble time residing in.

To make oneself noticed on the internets, one must not be marginal. Shit look at my little corner of the intertron3000. All I get are spamblog comments.One must also not be 'traditionally extreme' in an attempt to get noticed. (i just made that phrase up, but i like the shit out of it) You know the types, the racist websites, terrorists websites, I hate my life and am going to blow up my school websites. You truly have to spout some insane drivel to get noticed. Or be Wil Wheaton. That seems to work too.

I never read the penny arcade forum specifically because I don't feel the need to read what other assholes who like penny arcade like i do have to say about games or current events. It demeans the site. The writer of PA continually impresses me with his ability to 'bring the funny' on the news side of the site. And to read the forums after reading good prose would be like dosuing a delicious meal in ketchup. (This is me, with teh s uck metaphor)

I guess I just wanted to get another view on the Hurricane situation from some fellow dorks. Seeing tech related news about the hurricane from /. hammered the gravity of the situation home much more than seeing pictures of the Iberville projects on fire on CNN. These are my people, one would think. I've been starting to think for years now that dorks are some of the most opinionated people on the planet. I am no different. For years, I blasted the choice of an Apple platform for computing simply because I thought they were for 'stupid people'. I try to curb my hyper-opinionated tendencies, but often they get the best of me. Most dorks have absolutely no sense of tact, so any attempt to mellow out their beliefs in the face of people, is non-existent. And considering Professor Gabe's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

There is no hope for the forum. As a means of discourse it should be stopped.

See how this thing started out as a Hurricane related post, but I meandered into a blast session on the entirety of dorkdom via their means of communication? I have the attention span of a ferret.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Baton Rouge Is The New New Orleans

Damn. Hurricane Katrina. A name like that shouldn't go down in the history books as the one who felled New Orleans. But it will. I know I am a serious latecomer to blog my thoughts about the hurricane, but considering I LIVE BLOCKS FROM LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN, I think it could be forgiven. Being a refugee has never felt this swank. If I were to describe my relation, or non-relaton to the person I am staying with, it would get very confusing. Suffice to say I am in the gated community inside Baton Rouge known as the 'Country Club of Louisiana.' For a refugee, I am doing okay, I think. I think I might be staying here to finish my semester from UNO at the wonderfully sprawling campus of the Louisiana State University(LSU). Dunno.

This whole thing hasn't really set in I think. I have no home. All my stuff is gone. So what? I never used it anyway. I'm filling out a form for FEMA disaster aid right now that will probably prove fruitless, but who knows. 'A million pounds of ice, says the president.' Why? TO COOL OFF THE GULF SO WE DON'T HAVE SO MANY HURRICANES NEXT YEAR?!?!?! Thanks a pantsful guy. He can't even conduct a war successfully, so how am I supposed to expect him to take care of my city? The Consciousness Stream(tm) is particularly weird right now. Must be the glee from being so close to the internets, nay ELECTRICITY! It sure feels good to be in the A/C again. I'll be back later to blog some more, but I've really gotta look at some pictures of Lake New Orleans so.........


the next time you see me i will have a refugee beard.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Word Verification Is Where It's At, Y'all

I turned on word verification for the illusory people who read my blog and don't comment, and the goddamn spam bloggers. Seriously, under the post 'Bill Gates is Gangsta' there was a comment like, "I definitely wanna read your blog! It's cool and informative! While you're at it, check out my blog about Swimming Pools and Chemicals! I really like Swimming Pools and Chemicals!"

Jeez. That just burns my britches. Now I know it's nothing but scripts crawling the web reading my drivel. That sucks.

I've been reading this book called The C Programming Language to get boned up on C and all it's derivates in hopes Google will do the Summer of Code again next year. I've been meticulously doing all the exercises in the book to get my feet wet with just hammering out code, since UNO doesn't do much in the way of teaching you syntax, more of the design philosophy. Which is rockin, don't get me wrong, but I need more learnin on that syntactical tip, y'dig? I was stumped on one of the problems and went to a very fine website that had answers to all the exercises to get an idea of how to proceed. The only problem is that one of the answers has this big string of nested conditionals that just throw me. Maybe it's the language itself, but it just seems sloppy after coming from Dr. Niño's classes. Small conditionals he stressed CONSTANTLY. So I just have to get used to seeing it from other people I guess. Really I'm writing this as a procrastinational exercise.

Avoiding things I'm doing independantly from school for my own betterment. I think I'm just a special kind of lazy. And it sucks. Payce.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Whoa Buddy

Pat Robertson is not known for saying the most intelligent things. So why should his opinions on the foreign policy of this troubled nation seem strange given the amazingly racist, sexist, bigoted things he's said before? I think the 700 club is just turning into Jerry Springer or something similar, where people tune in just to hear the messed up things people spout on national television. But the fact that it's coming from a christian conservative who once ran for the Rebublican party's nomination for the Presidency, it really scares me. Because people are bound to listen to him. And the really sad thing is people think he is representative of the Republican party. Ill-informed toward social issues, a ethnocentric view on other countries and their non christian religion, I didn't think people could go through college and still be this ignorant. And the scariest part of all, he had an awful lot of school. Enough for a freakin juris doctorate from Yale!

This man gives the Republican party a bad name. Some would say they already have a bad name, but he just makes it all messed up. I'm the kind of Republican who believes in a 'conservative' approach to the scope of power of the government. Weird I know. To me, an ethos of less government cannot coincide with an edict, handed down from God or whatever, to police morality. It does not compute. And this Libertarian party is not the right answer to Crazy Christian Conservatives(tm), it only turns the party over to the crazies. Like 1988 Republican Presidential hopeful Pat Roertson. I'm sure the idea of that man as Pres makes Dubya seem like a master statesman.

It took a call for assassination from the right to get me to post after 4 days of absence. Thank you Pat, you inspired me to such anger, I had to take it out on my keyboard, by typing this directionless spurt of anger at the quality of education at a certian Ivy League school; one that could produce a crazy like you Pat. So much for a liberal education from the east coast, eh?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Bill Gates is Gangsta

Robert Burke over on apparrently has more time on his hands than is good for him. He has compiled a list of all the rap songs that mention Bill Gates. Pretty funny stuff.

Blogging has officially reached the mainstream as well. All you real bloggers (who don't read my drivel) are FIRED! Donald Trump has a blog! That Donny is a hoot. Now alls we need is for Bill Gates to have a Gangsta Gates Blog. Oh that would make my heart sing.

I really don't have much else to say, I just had to get that link service off my chest. They've been chilling in tabs on Firefox since probably Wednesday. I don't have the motivation to go out and get riled up about something to write about it. So off I go to prepare for the Google Summer of Code 2006. My C skillz are not that of 'teh mad haxxorz' so I must get better if I want to spend my summer working in the wonderful world of OSS. For money.

Besides I think Dr. Jaime Niño laid a good groundwork for learning to design software, I just need more practice. So yeah. Enough talking to myself.

New Linkzor:

I swear the bathroom in this damned place has got to be worse than the ones in Guantanamo Bay.

But that's not the reason i'm here. It appears Tycho of Penny-Arcade fame is going to be a father. But that's not even the coolest part. He starts the post containing this wonderful news with a World of Warcraft reference. Many geek points from the non-WoW playing camp.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some Kind of Arrogance

It appears that Microsoft believes it is the alpha and omega when it comes to software. Forget what you, my fair nonexistent readership, have heard about MacOSX being the bomb diggity swerve; forget the fact that until last month Windows did not have an answer to any hardware vendors and their 64-bit processors; in fact forget this article too, written in 1998. They weren't innovating then either.

Mactopia. Apparrently Microsoft thinks their tiny corner of the web is the Utopia for Mac users.

Mactopia. Fucking rididulous. A quick browsing of the front page makes me think Microsoft has fooled themselves into thinking they have a superior solution to the 3 things most pedestrian computer users use their machines for.

Web browsing - Internet Explorer 5 for Mac. I can't believe it. PC users are jumping ship in DROVES in favor of Mozilla Firefox over IE, and they think Mac users are going to want to get back in that leaky boat? Safari (the Apple standard browser) is built on KHTML, a standard developed for the open source web browser Konqueror. Firefox is built on publicly-released-after-the-demise-of-Netscape source(OSS). Is it any wonder that these programs are safer than IE?

'Office' applications - Microsoft Office for Mac. I think MS is hiding their head in the sand on this one. OpenOffice is probably a bad word on the Redmond campus. Bill Gates once wrote an open letter to hobbyists. In it he makes the case for proprietary software, so I know how he feels about open source software.

Chat software - 'instant messaging.' Microsoft Messenger for Mac. Being a latecomer to yet another application that people rely on regularly in their daily lives, MS now offers their 'messenger' service for Mac users. Honestly, this is the category where Apple has satisfied me 'out of the box.' iChat roxxors. It does what I want, and it appears that GAIM, yet another open source app I use on my Windows box, is modeled to look like it. So yeah, I dig it. But on the Big Brother tip, I'm just plain scared of the .NET framework that MS requires you to install to use their Messenger. A PASSPORT? For the internet? Scary.

Making a list is a really good way to relieve stress. I feel like I did something. However useless, since no one will make good use of my awesome link service.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Underground Breakfast Sandwich Railroad

So yeah, I smuggled an Egg McMuffin away from it's oppresive stay in the main office. Given to me by my contact on the inside (the secretary), she had acquired the stray Muffin from the vile Quality Assurance Manager. She insisted I save the sandwich by smuggling it within my pants to the greener pastures of the Parts Room. Always an adventure at Otech.

I'm a regular Harriet Tubman up in this piece.

I watched The Man Who Wasn't There on Sunday. Amazing. Simply, freaking, amazing. Neo-noir is like good punk rock. Most punk bands who started the punk movement were terrible musicians, I wouldn't even call anyone in the Ramones a 'musician' since they are just so bad. But, all the kids who grew up on a healthy diet of bad punk, the ones who wanted to learn how to play music, wanted to emulate their idols; but invariably, they had more of the musical 'chops' and ushered in an era of punk that's not only fast and energetic, but well composed and more intricate than the three power chord crap that was so popular to early punk (still is). Even bands like The Mr. T Experience and Screeching Weasel, who sought to emulate the Ramones, sound better. It's like they just can't help not sucking as bad.

And now that I've carried the neo-noir as punk rock analogy waaaaaaay too far, it's time to reel it in. I don't have a tremendous amount of respect for many early films. Static camera techniques, mediocre writing, and not to mention the terrible acting. I have no love for, to use a comic book phrase, the Golden Age of film. Granted the medium was new, and there are many gems, the majority are just bad. Take the early Hitchcock noir film Shadow of a Doubt. A sophmoric conception of the psychology of a serial killer coupled with Hitchcock not fully realizing his ability to create suspense, it's just plain bad. And it had so much going for it....

Man, I am just in a tangental mood today.

Back to The Man Who Wasn't There, it's the Coen brothers rehashing the classic black and white film-noir style, with their filmic 'chops' front and center. Any film shot in the fifties doesn't have to place itself in time if it is 'contemporary', at least not in obvious ways, not to mention the limitations on what filmmakers could get away with back then. The Coen brothers use obvious historical cues to place you in time, and it serves to paint an interesting picture of the time, the observer looking back. The camera work is absolutely wonderful. I read somewhere, maybe IMDB, that they shot the film in color, and de-colorized the film. Dunno if that's true, but the film certainly looks vibrant. Great use of shadow (it's called noir for a reason), the film has it's share of starkly lighted scenes, yet some scenes manage to use many middle grays. Billy Bob Thornton is wonderful as the barber drifting through the American Dream. I cannot say enough good things about it.

Sometimes the homage can be more significant than the original piece one is paying homage to.

Neo-Noir is so punk rawk.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Apple: It doesn't have solitire

Found an awesome ad from a Wizard magazine during the bombardment of Apple Switch ads across all forms of media.

it's nifty, here it is:

I have a kind of strange facination with these Apple ads. I don't really know why, they used to bother me to no end. Stupid people talking down to stupid pepole proliferating the great unwashed computer idiocy that we face today. "GET RID OF SPAM" they say, "I HATE POP-UPS", but what they refer to as popups sometimes might actually be REAL messages the computer is trying to convey, but it gets in the way of their dirty Internet Exploder browsing of the intertron.

I don't mean to go off on a tangent, but suffice to say, they weren't speaking to me, yet it offended me greatly. Now they are almost a novelty to me, and I find them heee-larious. This one has been on my mind since Monday, I tried to find it online, but had to settle for scanning it at work. I didn't bother cleaning it up because i'm lazy. Apoligies to the imaginary people who read this blog.


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

And now for a trip in the wayback machine

I found this post about Amerika in my old /. journal. I used to use that before I found out about an entirely new way to publish my thoughts that would still remain unread by everyone. But still, I wanted to put this bit o' business on here since I kind of got off track while talking about Amerika the last time. So without further ado, here it is:

from /. Wednesday, July 13 2-double-aught-5

Two lines from Kafka's Amerika really stood out to me when i read them recently. As Karl is walking away from New York along the road, the line "The occasional automobile shot out of the fog, and all three turned their heads towards these cars, which were usually enormous and so striking in appearance and so fleetingly present there was no time to notice whether they had any occupants or not."

It is amazing how precise Kafka pinpoints a feeling of awe and wonderment at the sight of an American automobile whizzing by a pedestrian on the road. It calls to mind the oversized "space age" cars we Americans were so fond of during the fifties and sixties; yet this book was written years before, and by a man who never even visited the US. Kafka writes in such a way as to make the normal seem surreal, not in the same vein as Gabriel Garcia Marquez with his fantastic realism, but in an uncanny manner, the simple act of a car passing on the road becomes an event, a large imposing symbol of American ingenuity personified.

The second line comes after Karl realizes that it will be harder to leave the US if he is in the interior of the country rather than New York. His traveling companions convince him to continue away from the city and it reads "Even then he wouldn't have gone if he hadn't told himself that it was probably better for him to go to a place from which it would be less easy to return home. It would be better for his work and his general progress, if he had no useless thoughts to distract him."

That line is particularly telling about the character and his work ethic. Being distracted by alternative prospects is undesirable to him. His desire, it seems is to be locked into a situation so as to attack it head on, certainly an interesting way to approach life.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Killing Time, Killing Time

I've never been a proponent of flash games as a Great Impediment To Productivity(tm), but this puzzle Grow had me baffled for a good while. Nifty for a puzzle game, makes me wanna play Myst or something. Maybe i'll jack it from the Chan's server.

School cannot start sooner. This vacation is killing me. I know I'll be resenting these words when school starts and the big programming crunch hits, but still...I need an excuse to stop going out and spending money and staying out late. School has never been a reasonable excuse for me, but I'm going to try my damnedest to make it a viable excuse. I swear, if Buddah's brother Gianni finishes school before me (he starts in the fall) I just might have to shoot myself in the face.

Back to work, ya bastard (the bastard in question being me).

Thursday, August 04, 2005


I wrote a bunch of crap about how i liked my laptop as a Unix Box(tm). But i lost it. Here's what it looks like. I like it. Woo.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Just pretend this entry is from saturday, 30th

I guess my neighbor's interweb connection isn't being as generous as I would like, since I am having to type this in TextEdit to put up later. Bastard. It's really hard to get back into the swing of programming. Slowly I trudge through the ancient land of the mighty C. No plus plus after that or anything. Good old C. The language of UNIX. I tried to invoke the GNU C Compiler in the Mac OSX terminal, and was sorely denied. I really need to unlock all the UNIX goodness laying underneath this pretty Aqua interface. I'm looking forward to this next semester of Comp Sci goodness, if only to give me direction in my learnings. I feel easily distractable and it really bugs me. I need the focus of a class to pull me out of this drifting slump.

Case in point, I typed the above days ago, and am just now getting back to it. I can't even focus enough to 'blog. Sweet Christmas, that's depressing. At least I have seaweed salad for breakfast. But nothing to drink but sake. I'm like a prisoner in my own home if I wake up before noon on the weekends. Marcella sleeping in my room, not to be disturbed, my Mother taking a NAP at 9:30 in the damned AM. Apparently four hours of waking are too much to take on this wonderful Saturday. Below me the sounds of whatever British moron is "investigating" the bible this week on the tele. I can't venture to get even a glass of water, as there are sleeping guards at the gates. My hyperbole is showing.

I finished The Stranger today, the book, not the movie. Depressingly lovely. Life is pointless, and there is no reason to change your lot in life since you die anyway. Oh good, someone is awake, now I don't have to drink sake in the morning. The book really impressed me. I don't really agree with the philosophy, but that's not really the point anyway. Philosophically infused fiction is kind of alien to me, but it's a lot less abrasive than essays on philosophy are. Nifty. I think I will look for more.

Friday, July 29, 2005

I Start My City With a Brick

Add another brick,
Brick by brick i manufacture homes for fallen angels.
-Aes Rock

I've been working in this here parts room for going on 4 years now. NOT ONCE have I dropped the contents of a bag of nuts or washers or the like onto the floor rather than into it's respective bin.


Man, it really sucked too, had to get on the dirty ass floor and pick up as many damned nuts as I could find. Way dirty.

I really thought The Stranger was a pretty disappointing piece of liturature until around chapter 6. I had visions in my head of college english types grasping for a reason this thing was any good at all. It read like a freakin' fourth grader wrote it: "I walked to the balcony. I had a cigarette. I am wearing Spongebob underwear. I watched the people below me with interest, maybe."

But as I was reading today, all of a sudden it got really freakin good.

"He asked me if I wasn't interested in a change of life. I said that people never change their lives, that in any case one life was as good as another and that I wasn't dissatisfied with mine here at all."

I'm sure there are plenty more lines like that, or alluding to ideas like that earlier in the book, but I was probably looking at it with too critical of an eye, being that it was such a renowned work. I need to stop doing that, but at least I come to the conclusion that I like the book on my own terms. I'm not too boned up on existential philosophy, but i'm sure this has alot to do with some of it's core ideas. Regardless, I am now digging it. Digging it I am.

I'm wondering if Garden State had some influences from Albert Camus. The main character's complete lack of feeling at the funereal of his mother, the way that he just kind of drifts through life doing things because it's something to do, rather than out of a desire to do it. I wonder if Zach Braff has acknowledged it as an influence, at least as a jumping off point. Dunno. Must watch Garden State special features.

Note to self (since no one else reads this shite anyway)


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Kafka is so Kafkaesque

I love saying that. It reminds me of that episode of Mission Hill where what's-his-face makes a comic ala The Far Side with a caption "That is so Kafkaesque" when it is obviously NOTHING like Kafka!!! ahahahaha..... "It's supposed to be a commentary on people who say Kafkaesque and don't know what it means" he says. Wow. Amerika was a good book (the master of segues right here). Like the Trial, Amerika was wholly engaging, and utterly maddeningly unfinished. Damn Kafka and his second-guessing-itis. "Necessarily endless" assholes in liturature have been known to say things like that about his obviously unfinished works. I guess they say shit like that to make themselves be okay with the idea of reading the work of a dead man published against his will.

But I do think there might be a bit of truth there. When I finished The Trial, or actually when I finished the penultimate chapter, I was left flabbergasted. That's right, flabbergasted. I didn't know I was reading an unfinished work. So to my suprise I'm settling into a very climactic chapter and BAM i get one of these:

**This chapter was never completed**

WTFOMFG&%$#!*@ Is an approximation of how I felt and continued to feel for a good half of an hour, reflecting on the two ways the book could have gone. I don't remember exactly what I thought were the two alternate paths the book could have taken, (which is probably the best explination of why I use this damned blog thingy now) but i came to the conclusion that it was better to leave the chapter ambiguous. It fit with the whole maddening tone of the book, I said. Maybe that's true, or maybe I'm another one of those assholes who makes assumptions about things never meant to be published. But I thought about that when I was reading Amerika: The Man Who Disappeared today; as I got into the section of the book labeled fragments I began feeling uneasy, as if the parts I was reading were some kind of deleted scene, but with Kafka they kind of hang in the air a bit, ethereal. I became unsure of where the original translation ended and this one differed. I itched to read the introduction to satisfy my curiosity. Things began distracting me from finishing the unfinishable. I

**This post was never completed**

Monday, July 25, 2005


SHO CHIKU BAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did not intend to drink all this sake watching b5 and eating wheat pasta on a sunday night. snap.

Trust No One

Can't Hardly Wait is a goddamnd funny movie. Seriously. I was in the middle of watching a bit of the B5, but it warranted my utmost attention. And B5 is in the middle of getting way good. TVONDVD(tm) is so amazing. The show is widescreen, commercial free, and you don't have to wait a summer for season finalés. Television at it's best. Being that I am a bit sake drunk right now, i'm sure that this is plain piss i'm typing but fuck it, no one reads this thing anyway. Kind of like my /. journal, pretty much for me only.
The Marce is officially obsessed with Babylon Five, and I couldn't be happier. It's almost like when she got into the good old strat rpg, even though she hates rpg's. She HATES the trek, so a B5 seems like a Trek with lower production values, and slightly worse acting. But the overwhelming fact is that besides the shitty sci-fi accouterments, it's way good underneath. The characters are more than base-line archetypes and the setting is sublimely flawed, unlike the aforementioned Trek. That perfect communist space party always sat bad in my mind. I think I just have no faith in humanity's ability to advance that far in a few short hundred years. This post is completely drunk stream of consciousness and i can't retrace the thread of this nonsense right now, so I go. Off to sleep.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Oh jeez

Testing. I don't know where my facination with this "blog/online journal bizness" came from. Jeez, I used to make fun of people's LJ's, but the funny thing is, NO ONE I KNOW IS ON BLOGGER. Therefore, it truly is for myself and not some exhibitionistic desire to broadcast my personal shit all over the intertron. Doesn't change the fact that this blogging thing is goofy.