Monday, July 25, 2005

Trust No One

Can't Hardly Wait is a goddamnd funny movie. Seriously. I was in the middle of watching a bit of the B5, but it warranted my utmost attention. And B5 is in the middle of getting way good. TVONDVD(tm) is so amazing. The show is widescreen, commercial free, and you don't have to wait a summer for season finalés. Television at it's best. Being that I am a bit sake drunk right now, i'm sure that this is plain piss i'm typing but fuck it, no one reads this thing anyway. Kind of like my /. journal, pretty much for me only.
The Marce is officially obsessed with Babylon Five, and I couldn't be happier. It's almost like when she got into the good old strat rpg, even though she hates rpg's. She HATES the trek, so a B5 seems like a Trek with lower production values, and slightly worse acting. But the overwhelming fact is that besides the shitty sci-fi accouterments, it's way good underneath. The characters are more than base-line archetypes and the setting is sublimely flawed, unlike the aforementioned Trek. That perfect communist space party always sat bad in my mind. I think I just have no faith in humanity's ability to advance that far in a few short hundred years. This post is completely drunk stream of consciousness and i can't retrace the thread of this nonsense right now, so I go. Off to sleep.

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