Friday, August 19, 2005

Bill Gates is Gangsta

Robert Burke over on apparrently has more time on his hands than is good for him. He has compiled a list of all the rap songs that mention Bill Gates. Pretty funny stuff.

Blogging has officially reached the mainstream as well. All you real bloggers (who don't read my drivel) are FIRED! Donald Trump has a blog! That Donny is a hoot. Now alls we need is for Bill Gates to have a Gangsta Gates Blog. Oh that would make my heart sing.

I really don't have much else to say, I just had to get that link service off my chest. They've been chilling in tabs on Firefox since probably Wednesday. I don't have the motivation to go out and get riled up about something to write about it. So off I go to prepare for the Google Summer of Code 2006. My C skillz are not that of 'teh mad haxxorz' so I must get better if I want to spend my summer working in the wonderful world of OSS. For money.

Besides I think Dr. Jaime Niño laid a good groundwork for learning to design software, I just need more practice. So yeah. Enough talking to myself.

New Linkzor:

I swear the bathroom in this damned place has got to be worse than the ones in Guantanamo Bay.

But that's not the reason i'm here. It appears Tycho of Penny-Arcade fame is going to be a father. But that's not even the coolest part. He starts the post containing this wonderful news with a World of Warcraft reference. Many geek points from the non-WoW playing camp.

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