Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some Kind of Arrogance

It appears that Microsoft believes it is the alpha and omega when it comes to software. Forget what you, my fair nonexistent readership, have heard about MacOSX being the bomb diggity swerve; forget the fact that until last month Windows did not have an answer to any hardware vendors and their 64-bit processors; in fact forget this article too, written in 1998. They weren't innovating then either.

Mactopia. Apparrently Microsoft thinks their tiny corner of the web is the Utopia for Mac users.

Mactopia. Fucking rididulous. A quick browsing of the front page makes me think Microsoft has fooled themselves into thinking they have a superior solution to the 3 things most pedestrian computer users use their machines for.

Web browsing - Internet Explorer 5 for Mac. I can't believe it. PC users are jumping ship in DROVES in favor of Mozilla Firefox over IE, and they think Mac users are going to want to get back in that leaky boat? Safari (the Apple standard browser) is built on KHTML, a standard developed for the open source web browser Konqueror. Firefox is built on publicly-released-after-the-demise-of-Netscape source(OSS). Is it any wonder that these programs are safer than IE?

'Office' applications - Microsoft Office for Mac. I think MS is hiding their head in the sand on this one. OpenOffice is probably a bad word on the Redmond campus. Bill Gates once wrote an open letter to hobbyists. In it he makes the case for proprietary software, so I know how he feels about open source software.

Chat software - 'instant messaging.' Microsoft Messenger for Mac. Being a latecomer to yet another application that people rely on regularly in their daily lives, MS now offers their 'messenger' service for Mac users. Honestly, this is the category where Apple has satisfied me 'out of the box.' iChat roxxors. It does what I want, and it appears that GAIM, yet another open source app I use on my Windows box, is modeled to look like it. So yeah, I dig it. But on the Big Brother tip, I'm just plain scared of the .NET framework that MS requires you to install to use their Messenger. A PASSPORT? For the internet? Scary.

Making a list is a really good way to relieve stress. I feel like I did something. However useless, since no one will make good use of my awesome link service.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could understand what you are talking about, however keep it up. Its good training.

Luis said...
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Luis said...

Now dont go faulting Mico$oft for making money. Of course they are arrogant, they have the market place cornered. And the proprietary software stuff...well i think engineers should make some kind of money equal to the effort they expend. i do agree that there is a huge lack of innovation at $oft. i think that they could make even more money if they got off their lazy asses, but that won't ever happen. Why work when you can repackage and make worked for Enron...didn't it?