Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Whoa Buddy

Pat Robertson is not known for saying the most intelligent things. So why should his opinions on the foreign policy of this troubled nation seem strange given the amazingly racist, sexist, bigoted things he's said before? I think the 700 club is just turning into Jerry Springer or something similar, where people tune in just to hear the messed up things people spout on national television. But the fact that it's coming from a christian conservative who once ran for the Rebublican party's nomination for the Presidency, it really scares me. Because people are bound to listen to him. And the really sad thing is people think he is representative of the Republican party. Ill-informed toward social issues, a ethnocentric view on other countries and their non christian religion, I didn't think people could go through college and still be this ignorant. And the scariest part of all, he had an awful lot of school. Enough for a freakin juris doctorate from Yale!

This man gives the Republican party a bad name. Some would say they already have a bad name, but he just makes it all messed up. I'm the kind of Republican who believes in a 'conservative' approach to the scope of power of the government. Weird I know. To me, an ethos of less government cannot coincide with an edict, handed down from God or whatever, to police morality. It does not compute. And this Libertarian party is not the right answer to Crazy Christian Conservatives(tm), it only turns the party over to the crazies. Like 1988 Republican Presidential hopeful Pat Roertson. I'm sure the idea of that man as Pres makes Dubya seem like a master statesman.

It took a call for assassination from the right to get me to post after 4 days of absence. Thank you Pat, you inspired me to such anger, I had to take it out on my keyboard, by typing this directionless spurt of anger at the quality of education at a certian Ivy League school; one that could produce a crazy like you Pat. So much for a liberal education from the east coast, eh?

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Luis said...

Pat Robertson is a creep. I would not worry to much as to people viewing him as the voice of the modern republican party. Ole' Pat has pretty muched reduced himself to the monkey at the zoo that flings his poo and everybody laughs at. Watch the 700 Club stoned and you will see what I mean. But I really don't do drugs...no seriously I dont...c'mon man ya' gotta believe me!