Friday, August 26, 2005

Word Verification Is Where It's At, Y'all

I turned on word verification for the illusory people who read my blog and don't comment, and the goddamn spam bloggers. Seriously, under the post 'Bill Gates is Gangsta' there was a comment like, "I definitely wanna read your blog! It's cool and informative! While you're at it, check out my blog about Swimming Pools and Chemicals! I really like Swimming Pools and Chemicals!"

Jeez. That just burns my britches. Now I know it's nothing but scripts crawling the web reading my drivel. That sucks.

I've been reading this book called The C Programming Language to get boned up on C and all it's derivates in hopes Google will do the Summer of Code again next year. I've been meticulously doing all the exercises in the book to get my feet wet with just hammering out code, since UNO doesn't do much in the way of teaching you syntax, more of the design philosophy. Which is rockin, don't get me wrong, but I need more learnin on that syntactical tip, y'dig? I was stumped on one of the problems and went to a very fine website that had answers to all the exercises to get an idea of how to proceed. The only problem is that one of the answers has this big string of nested conditionals that just throw me. Maybe it's the language itself, but it just seems sloppy after coming from Dr. Niño's classes. Small conditionals he stressed CONSTANTLY. So I just have to get used to seeing it from other people I guess. Really I'm writing this as a procrastinational exercise.

Avoiding things I'm doing independantly from school for my own betterment. I think I'm just a special kind of lazy. And it sucks. Payce.

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Anonymous said...

you think you are so smart with all your computer programming books. do you really believe people are not good enough to read your blog?

i dont have a blog.
l to the r to the c.