Thursday, September 01, 2005

Baton Rouge Is The New New Orleans

Damn. Hurricane Katrina. A name like that shouldn't go down in the history books as the one who felled New Orleans. But it will. I know I am a serious latecomer to blog my thoughts about the hurricane, but considering I LIVE BLOCKS FROM LAKE PONTCHARTRAIN, I think it could be forgiven. Being a refugee has never felt this swank. If I were to describe my relation, or non-relaton to the person I am staying with, it would get very confusing. Suffice to say I am in the gated community inside Baton Rouge known as the 'Country Club of Louisiana.' For a refugee, I am doing okay, I think. I think I might be staying here to finish my semester from UNO at the wonderfully sprawling campus of the Louisiana State University(LSU). Dunno.

This whole thing hasn't really set in I think. I have no home. All my stuff is gone. So what? I never used it anyway. I'm filling out a form for FEMA disaster aid right now that will probably prove fruitless, but who knows. 'A million pounds of ice, says the president.' Why? TO COOL OFF THE GULF SO WE DON'T HAVE SO MANY HURRICANES NEXT YEAR?!?!?! Thanks a pantsful guy. He can't even conduct a war successfully, so how am I supposed to expect him to take care of my city? The Consciousness Stream(tm) is particularly weird right now. Must be the glee from being so close to the internets, nay ELECTRICITY! It sure feels good to be in the A/C again. I'll be back later to blog some more, but I've really gotta look at some pictures of Lake New Orleans so.........


the next time you see me i will have a refugee beard.