Monday, September 05, 2005

Something Awful Is Right

The internet makes you stupid. About halfway down the page, some asshole named matthasaproblem. I just finished reading about 7 pages of a penny arcade forum thread entitled 'Hurricane Katrina.' I never read the penny-arcade forum. I actually hate most web-forums. The basic structure of a forum thread, If I may: Some asshole espouses some crazy, off the wall idea in an attempt to get noticed in the sea of other stupid comments, pictures, and links to so called funny videos. He then has to defend his claim in an attempt to not lose face in his imagined community that he has invested so much of his valuble time residing in.

To make oneself noticed on the internets, one must not be marginal. Shit look at my little corner of the intertron3000. All I get are spamblog comments.One must also not be 'traditionally extreme' in an attempt to get noticed. (i just made that phrase up, but i like the shit out of it) You know the types, the racist websites, terrorists websites, I hate my life and am going to blow up my school websites. You truly have to spout some insane drivel to get noticed. Or be Wil Wheaton. That seems to work too.

I never read the penny arcade forum specifically because I don't feel the need to read what other assholes who like penny arcade like i do have to say about games or current events. It demeans the site. The writer of PA continually impresses me with his ability to 'bring the funny' on the news side of the site. And to read the forums after reading good prose would be like dosuing a delicious meal in ketchup. (This is me, with teh s uck metaphor)

I guess I just wanted to get another view on the Hurricane situation from some fellow dorks. Seeing tech related news about the hurricane from /. hammered the gravity of the situation home much more than seeing pictures of the Iberville projects on fire on CNN. These are my people, one would think. I've been starting to think for years now that dorks are some of the most opinionated people on the planet. I am no different. For years, I blasted the choice of an Apple platform for computing simply because I thought they were for 'stupid people'. I try to curb my hyper-opinionated tendencies, but often they get the best of me. Most dorks have absolutely no sense of tact, so any attempt to mellow out their beliefs in the face of people, is non-existent. And considering Professor Gabe's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory:

There is no hope for the forum. As a means of discourse it should be stopped.

See how this thing started out as a Hurricane related post, but I meandered into a blast session on the entirety of dorkdom via their means of communication? I have the attention span of a ferret.