Tuesday, September 13, 2005

FEMA: Not As Evil As X-Files Wants You To Believe

Well snap. This is the first time in my life the federal government has given me something to be happy about. Two G's. Not really much of a consolation considering the potential damage my house has sustained, but still. At least I can buy textbooks for class at a school I hate, and get an apartment in the city I hate. For those playing the home game, I'll give ya a shiny new penny to guess to where I'm referring.

There's some craziness going on in the national scale concerning the future of my once great city. The ill-informed speaker of the hizzouse, Dennis Hastert, wants to bulldoze 300 years of history. Some people in the news can't stop writing apocalyptic articles about how New Orleans will not come back(I'm linking the referring blog because the Washington Post requires registration). The link pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter as well. The city WILL come back. It will take some time.

The truth of the matter is, the city needed something to get it out of the slump it's been in since we missed the boat called economic development some 40 years ago. My house is gone. The recent levee break near my fair school may further prevent me from returning to my wonderful Computer Science department. Fine. But I will go back. What the fuck does everyone expect us to do? "Oh well, my home had it's fair share of problems mixed with a bevy of history unseen in the rest of this Great Subdiveded Plain. So what? I'll just make a new life for myself in whatever shithole I evacuated to!" Fat fucking chance. I didn't notice a great exodus of old farts and Cubans from Florida evacuating last year after 4 FUCKING HURRICANES hit that long ass state. And all they have there is Disneyworld and coke.

Honestly, I've considered leaving the state after I get my B.S in C.S. But that's leaving on my own terms. I had a plan to graduate from UNO (not on time mind you) and then figure this business out. And some stupid storm with a name like Katrina isn't going to change that.

Katrina could destroy my comics and my records, but not my home, or my sense of attachment to it.