Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chancellor Ryan Is Love

The other day(the 16th) I was composing a blog entry from the hallowed(...) halls of one Dodson Auditorium. I proceeded to lose my entire post but, it being one of those posts I could do without, I decided not to try and resurrect it. I was sitting in this smelly auditorium waiting for a lecture on Globalization (big G) and Language Vitality to commence. Once the Marcella arrived though, I remembered the Chancellor of my fair university was to be doing a spot of talking at the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athelets(redundant?), more specifically in the E.R "Bo" Campbell Auditorium. I know, it's a mouthful of advertisement and alumnus plugging you'd never see at UNO, but alas, LSU is rife with it.

Tim Ryan proceeded to elaborate on the status of the campus, the fact that his house is under 10 feet of water, and even reassured someone that if a high level Poli-Sci class would not be taught this, or next semester, that he "knew enough about politics to teach the course." Truly charming in the wake of disaster. I left impressed and safe in the knowledge that UNO was in good hands. And I got a free t-shirt! Oh, UNO, why do you spoil me so? I just love wearing a gray shirt with a pirate on the back in this blinding sea of yellow.

In other news, my stay at Casa del Campbell, Adam and Erin's house, will end very shortly. We, Marcella, Ed, Jamie, and I managed to get a four month lease on the place we'd been eyeing. I guess the landlord had one ounce of sympathy in his cold heart, considering that he tried to snake us into a year lease at first, KNOWING that we were refugees. Criminal. Or at least it should be. They watch for price gouging on gas and essential items during times of crisis, WHY THE HELL NOT HOMES???

Ah well, time for class. Computer Science is a waste of my time at LSU. Please look at the textbook required for this class.

"C for Tigers?"



Sunday, September 18, 2005

WoW Is A Feeling

I am officially on da crack. Taking a nod from the one called N to the S to the P, that's Nathan Scott Phillips for the ill-informed, who decided the best way to deal with the grief over a lost home was to buy a DS, I bought my own copy of World of Warcraft. It never floods in Azeroth. So that's good.

The problem I see on the horizon is the Mac compatibility of 'teh WoWZ'. Mobile WoW. LSU wireless. All these things come together to effectively end my life. It's over. Like the 3rd season of Chapelle's Show. Over.

On another note, the 4 people who read my blog need to Buy More Beer. It's for a good cause. I know how weird that sounds, but follow the fucking link and you'll see. And for those that don't love Abita, buy some for someone who does. Massive. Totally Massive. Booyakasha.

Simple sentence construction is the theme for today's blog. My brain must still be on WoW chat mode. I really had to clean out the cobwebs last nite at a pool bar to be able to speak to people about real things. And play, gasp, analog games like pool. I really suck at pool, but the three games Rob the pilot and I played we won, oddly enough.

The siren call of teh wow calls me. no time for love dr jones