Thursday, September 29, 2005


"The difference between Porn and Art is the lighting" - Ron Jeremy

The Hedgehog. Ron Jeremy. At LSU. If this school keeps this shit up, I may enjoy my short tenure at this place. If this thing was at the Cox Center, where I have Wi-Fi, I'd feel like a real-live blogger, writing about things in the present-tense and whatnot. He's debating about the good old pornography, and the other guy (don't ask me his name) is debating the flipside. I really don't know the other argument too well, so forgive me for not describing it. I should have more to say once this thing gets rolling, so for now, a tangent.

Historical Fiction. Love them segues. Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson is set during the scientific revolution of the 17th century and the invention of 'the calculus.' Newtonian vs. Leibniz-ian. Didn't even know there were two of 'em. Very interesting, for one of those page-turning, long-winded, best-selling(over-hyphenated?) books. It brings the scientific revolution to life in a way history books never do. All that accuracy never makes for good narrative. That's why the History Channel is Entertainment(big E), not science.

A tangent within a tangent. I must have nothing to say.

Back to the porn debate. Michael Leahy, the anti-porn guy, is a self diagnosed sex-addict. Claiming that his 'front row seat' to the development of the porn industry over the internet, working at IBM, turned him into a sex-addict. It's very interesting to watch Ron Jeremy as this guy gives his opening remarks. Listening intently, he is taking notes like a serious debater. Apparrently, Ron has a B.A in Theater and Education, with a Masters in Special Education. Impressive.

The rest of this post is being compiled after the fact with some neat snippets I wrote down in a text editor.

Both had some great quotables during the debate. As a rebuttal to the Leahy, Ron Jeremy claimed that one can get off to more than porn, citing masturbating to Gilligan's Island as a kid. Jeremy also claimed a strong edict of self-governance in the porn industry. Mr Leahy disagreed here citing the internet as area of focus for the hardcore that the traditional porn empire doesn't touch.

Despite Leahy's insistence on spouting douchebag motivational speaker drivel like "own your value system" and "think of intimacy as 'in to me, c?'" he wasn't all bad. He claimed to be anti-censhorship, and 'all about openness.' I think he, like Ron Jeremy, was a strong proponent of the family as the most important way to inform kids.

For the most part, everything Michael Leahy said was pretty common sense. He never really explained his platform really well besides admitting being a sex addict. He railed against porn for the way it makes one objectify women, but never answered to the fact that millions of people consume porn yet don't cheat on their wives or become sexual deviants/addicts. Overall, I think porn is good, so some guy who 'lost his wife to porn' really wasn't going to sway me.


Another Ron Jeremy Quote to finish this off : "John Holmes went from having sex with gorgeous women, to doing herion and gay porn, I call that a 'Bad Career Move!'