Monday, November 21, 2005


Sometimes high school classes were just so boring that I couldn't help but fall asleep. The absolute worst though was when I would tell myself that a study hall period was scant minutes away, and if i could just stay awake through Mr. Leutzelschwab's 47th diatribe about Whirling Dervishes, I would be rewarded with high school style naptime, Study Hall. But when I entered the room prepared to sleep without fear of reprisal, sleep would not come. Impossible. It always seems to happen that way. Even in Arkansas.

14 hours of driving, including a 2 hour diversion changing a fan belt on my father's car so we could continue the drive. I stayed awake the whole time, as my navigational duties were terribly necessary for US Highways were the roads of choice on this trip. Towards the end of the drive, I started to doze off. Anticipating the waiting room chairs as my bed for the evening, I told myself to wait until I could sleep with a good conscience. But when I got to the hospital, the sleep would not come. Even when I stole a couch in one of the other rooms in the hospital, it still took a good while to actually get to sleep. I really hate when that happens.

Now I have a new sobrina. I am two times the tio. tio times two. J = 2*tio.

Mario Kart DS. If wireless go-kart racing with cats from around the world doesn't tickle your fancy, then you must not like videogames. It's obvious Nintendo has a hard-on for hardware that looks strikingly like what Apple hardware would look like if they made videogame systems. Their approach to UI's when it comes to internet connectivity is also a Xeroxed page out of the Apple UI bible(a shiny quarter to the one who can tell me why I said Xerox and not photocopied. Think context). Keep it simple. Make it work.

Man does it. 5 minutes in a home I wasn't even sure had wireless internet and I was connected. I beat the pants offa some fool with a Texas A & M logo as his emblem. Yay me. If Nintendo keeps this up, I might start being less scared about the Solid White Nunchaku that are on the way.

Who knows.

She doesn't have to have her Young Fresh Fellows tape back now. But there's not a lot of things she'll take back.

Nighttime 'do not operate heavy machinery' medicine is on the horizon. Good night.