Thursday, December 08, 2005

Free Jazz

Not the style of jazz, cause I don't know enough to talk about that, free jazz as in free beer. Angeli has been hosting various local, and sometimes not so local jazz artists that are floating around NO. So for the price of a Guinness or a Lucifer Special, one can be treated to some great music. I love my city.

I can't wait to move to my trailer in Algiers. Yeah, I said it. Living in a trailer. On the westbank. Anything is better than living the white flight existence of living in a fucking subdivision in Baton Rouge (Highland Creek: A Restricted Subdivision) and commuting to the city everyday to make a buck. I feel like shit for all the gas we waste for all the regular reasons.

"If you buy gas, the terrorists WIN."

When I come back to the city, oh yes, there will be a party. A trailer trash party. At my new home, the trailer. Am I being redundant? It shall be on like the proverbial Donkey Kong. Wifebeaters in winter, this will truly be the OMGWTFROFLBBQ.

The network is breaking down at work, and while I'm not the 'IT guy' (the proper industry term for the guy who does that stuff) i tried to get it back up yesterday. I had to go into the ceiling, dropping massive amounts of itchy insulation onto my neck. Sucked the big one. After that I kind of stopped trying. Insulation reminds me of working in fiberglass, Now I'm pretty much just typing to kill time so I'm going to go. Don't want this thing to be one of those laundry list blogs where I just regale people with anecdotes about how interesting my experience at the laundromat was.

:::Posting this as my "network test"::