Sunday, January 22, 2006

Non-Live Journal

I can’t believe how readily available journaling/blogging/’airing one’s personal, drama causing shit’ software is. At least compared to journal-type software for one’s personal use. Because, you know, what’s the point of a journal unless all your friends can read it?

MacJournal. It’s pretty nifty. In fact, this post is being edited from MacJournal, then will be uploaded directly to Blogger. For no one to read there too. Of course I opted to not use the software for a 15 day trial. 15 days isn’t long enough to evaluate software, so I looked in my Serial Box and found a cracked serial to try it out for a while. So far I love it, and will probably pay for it, since one day I hope to support myself by writing software.

The reason I want this journal app is not to write sappy poetry ‘too private for the internet.“ Actually I’m going to use it like I wanted to use iCal, to keep track of school assignments, notes and whatnot, complete with the link service I so love and use on my blog. The nifty thing is I can make hyperlinks to files stored on the computer within the entry, so for example if I’m waxing geeky on a programming assignment, I can link the relevant file so I don’t have to go hunting for it. It seems my transformation into a Mac fanatic is complete. I can’t even be bothered to click a few times to get to the file in Finder. I require colored text encircled by thoughts about said file, complete with a timestamp for the whole shabang.

After the hurricane, I had a shit ton of momentum built up about performing well at UNO, which I attempted to carry over to LSU. While I ultimately did not complete the semester there for many reasons, I was experimenting with using my laptop productively at school, for classes other than Comp Sci. I began taking notes in class using TextEdit and filing them away with the dates in class folders. I put my schedule of classes with room numbers and building names in iCal so I’d remember where I had class on that massive campus. I even put the reading assignments and other homework items in iCal so I’d be more inclined to do them. Links to class pages and related things were in a special class links folder in Firefox. I figured that since every August we get bombarded with advertisements from Dell saying that Junior will be the hippest kid in school and do really well in class to boot if he has a laptop, that I might as well try and use my baby as a focus for all my studies, not just Comp Sci. MacJournal is the thing I tried to make iCal be. And it rocks.

The locked journal on my comp is where my Emo songs go, so ummmmm, if you’re ever on my comp, DON’T LOOK THERE!!!

James’ car is broken, and I’m in Orange County writing this on the way to a party in NO, so I’m out.

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