Friday, January 27, 2006


WHY? (i’d give a better link but the anticon site sucks) doesn’t sound like TMBG like Marcella claimed them to, but they sure make me want to listen to They Might Be Giants. Is folk-hop the right word? That’s what the anticon website bills them as, but I hate those fusion type labels like high-pop, or trip-hop. Those words just bug me. Not because I’m one of those types that think music is too diverse to pigeonhole, or any of that bullshit. It’s just that when people try to apply labels to something genuinely different sounding to describe it, it just doesn’t ring true to me. Compare artists to other artists, that’s the best way to describe music to people who haven’t heard it before. Folk-hop. What the fuck is that?

Here goes my review: WHY? has a similar voice to the guy from The Postal Service, plus the flow style of Beck (I guess that’s where folk-hop came from?). The tracks are very diverse, so a TMBG comparison might be valid, but I’d say no, cause it has a slight tinge to the anticon hip hoppy style. Acoustic plus downtempo beats like Mirah too. Except no female vox.

I couldn’t do it, I had to reference genre. But it was only to reference a particular facet of the group/label. I am a failure as a music critic.

Regardless, I’m diggin it.

The coolest thing about iTunes is how when it’s not on shuffle, it invariably goes to the next artist when their cd’s over. And thanks to the wonders of the alphabet, WHY? segues into Wu-Tang 36 Chambers. How nice.        

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