Monday, January 16, 2006

You Say Red Beans.....

I say culinary abortion. Now I know why they package Tabasco sauce with those MRE's. The red beans and rice with 'cajun style' sausage cubes I just consumed was so awful. Not even Tabasco could fix them beans.

Reread A Scanner Darkly in anticipation of the movie. I can't believe I'm really looking forward to it. The idea repulsed me when I first heard of it. When I saw Keanu in all his interpolated rotoscoped glory (the thing they did with Waking Life, drawing over filmed footage) scared the bejesus out of me. I even bought my own copy finally so that I wouldn't have to get one with Keanu lookin like 'whoa' on the cover. But the more I read about it, I think it might be ok. Now I don't buy this bullshit that the CG technique they used (interpolated rotoscoping) was to 'evoke a haunting vision of the future' or whatever. I know Richard Linklater directed Waking Life too. This is just him wanting to use that technique again, but I've made my peace with that.

When I read things, written by Dick's own daughters, like the fact that the afterword in the book is also included (a really sad musing about drugs, likening it to kids playing in the street, followed by a list of people drugs killed or impaired that he knew, Phil also appears on the list) in the film treatment, I think it could be better than Paycheck. Sweet all knowing pink laser in the sky, Let It Be Better Than Paycheck.

Besides, the scramble suits will look much cooler this way, and not so out of place.

On the non-fiction tip, The World Is Flat is my attempt to make it on the dean's list this semester. By reading about the kind of tech-related jobs I desire when I finish school being outsourced to India, I get scared. So in order to compete with the 225,000 grads that India churns out every year, most having CS or engineering degrees, I am angling to be one of the best geeks UNO can produce.

Financially opress a large nation for long enough, they get hungry. Hungry for American jobs that rich CEO's who want to make their stockbrokers even richer are more than happy to outsource. I don't want to be a Tech Support phone jockey. But these guys are moving up the production chain on the regular. Some of them do the actual R&D for these software companies, not just the data entry, or code monkey jobs that I could also do without.

Maybe I should've listened to Mustafa Starwars, Bengali(an Indian dialect) is the most spoken language in the world. Being that one billion people speak it, Maybe I should take that as my foreign language.

Bangalore, HERE I COME!!!