Wednesday, March 15, 2006


It appears that the creators of Penny Arcade have “made the switch.” Two of the webcomics biggest geek gamers, bashers of the beloved platform, now they see the light. Makes me want a MacBook even more, cause apparently they can rock “teh wowz” probably better than my box.

This is what I mean when I say that geeks need to learn that their deep-seeted views tend to bite them in the ass, EVENTUALLY. I used to be that kind of geek. I used to hate the Macintosh. I used to hate ATI videocards. I still don’t like Intel that much. Yet, I own an iBook, have an ATI Radeon 9800 in my PC, and can’t wait to get my hands on an Intel based Mac.

The strangest thing about tech oriented geeks having canonic points of view is that THINGS CHANGE. In the realm of ever expanding computer technology, things change almost daily. So to base some kind of fanatical iedas on such a shifting realm has ceased to make sense to me. So I don’t do it anymore. It makes one look foolish. I was one of those geeks who would get all confrontational when people even uttered the word Apple. The funniest thing about the Apple bashing I endure in the CS lab is that as soon as the grad student who owns a iBook enters, IT STOPS. They aren’t so steadfast in their anti-Apple beliefs that they would take on a grad student in a PC v. Apple debate.

If I don’t keep my headphones on before English class starts, I swear to god I’d probably pull a Patrick Bateman on the loud girl and the kid who paces the front of the classroom doing weird shit for the sake of being weird. Not to mention the kid with the deep voice who’s pre-class pseudo English major analysis really bugs me. I’m really happy there aren’t annoying people in my major. HA HA.