Wednesday, November 15, 2006


New apartment. Same bedroll that was my consolation prize for losing my entire home and all of my childhood memories. It is a nice bedroll, however. My battery is not full and I need to urinate. The crack in the window in my new room let some of the rain from last night in. Next to me are some comic books, some DS games (comfort items), most of my clothes, my trusty bag, and a “hurricane” lamp lent to me by Chris. Bland observations.

I feel like a squatter sleeping in a house without power. Especially sleeping close to the ground on the aforementioned bedroll.

How is this any better than the FEMA trailer? Good question. It turns out I am a squatter with internets. FeatherByEarthLink is free in this area for New Orleans residents apparently.

Yesterday felt like some kind of a great cleansing, collecting my things from various nooks and crevices in the trailer. It felt like I was moving out of a hotel room. The transience of the trailer was/is an odd feeling. Despite the new house having all the accoutrements of a normal house, or even a fully loaded FEMA trailer, when I was packing I had the sense of excitement and abandon one gets when moving. We are indeed Moving On Up.

I really hate talking about myself. I want to talk about a special edition, Japan only DS Lite. Crystal White, Final Fantasy characters etched on the outside. Beautiful. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. They get all the cool stuff in Japan :<.

Wii. Spellcheck, one day you will recognize the validity of those three letters strung together. If we don’t have power by Wii Day, (Nov 19) I may have to jack someone’s house/tv/electricity. I cannot wait to feel the Wii-Mote Nunchaku beneath my fingertips.

Hyperbole for breakfast.

Time to urinate.