Monday, December 18, 2006

I Was In Da Moovies!

It sure was cold back in 1918. It must have been because the world was not heated by the fires of the Brad. People ask me if I saw Brad. I tell them he wasn’t born yet in my particular scene.

Cold. It was terrible. But I got a pair of thermal under-leggings out of it. I brought a whole slew of things to occupy my down time with, and ended up using none of them. Laptop. Comics. A book without pictures (Chris’ idea. Bah). They remained in the bag. The one thing I wanted to bring, my Electric Blue Nintendo DS, stayed at home. That would have been the thing used most between takes. I could have hid it in my WWI-era trousers and drew some rainbows in between takes. Gotta remember that if there is a next time.

Three angles of one scene took the whole 8 hours. Jason Flemyng running through 1918 style post WWI revelers in the Pedestrian Mall in Jackson square. Two overhead crane shots and a long dolly shot. It was nice to see the mechanics of the filmmaking process laid bare like that. David Fincher sitting in a black tent watching replays of each take on three big LCDs. The DP framing the shot using the same LCDs from inside the tent. I guess that’s how movies are made when studios have lots of money to throw around. Or maybe it was just too cold. Who knows.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons isn’t even slated to come out until 2008, it must takes a long time to put the head of an old man on the face of a tiny boy. In the meantime, since you won’t be able to see my beautiful face in all it’s cinematic glory, here is the screen test that got me in the pitchas. Good thing I had a MacBook Pro handy, and a stolen copy of Quicktime Pro to do a video capture. Otherwise I might have never been as famous as I am today.

Would I do it again? 75 bucks and a free meal for a whole lot of sitting around and the chance to watch a movie get made. For a poor college student who has an above-average obsession with movies?