Sunday, January 21, 2007

Tabbed Browsing: Why I Love It, An Ode To The 21st Century Equivalent To A Dictionary At The Head Of The Bed

Tabbed browsing. I use it. I tout its virtues daily, mostly to people who don’t really care anyway.

Today I finally realized why I love it so much. I use those tabs as a way to keep track of the things that I have been doing/researching over the day. Usually what will happen is I will get more than a web browser’s width worth of tabs and I will trim the fat, much like I store the text messages from people that I find funny and such. I was looking up the so called “War of Currents,” the struggle between George Westinghouse and his Alternating Current versus Thomas Edison and his Direct Current, when I realized that it was all Sarah Vowell’s fault.

Other topics I perused while reading Assassination Vacation: The soldier who wouldn’t surrender, and the Russian view of Nihilism as a political movement, Nardonik.

The reason I keep the tabs open is so that I can remember the weird shit that I look up while doing something like reading or web surfing. Now I realize I have a repository for all those weird links besides my, my own personal journal.

By today I mean December 26, that’s how long it takes for my ADD addled brain to remember to do things.

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