Thursday, May 24, 2007

Welcome to the Working Week Part 2, Electric Booogaloo

This has been an informative week. Working with some of the guys from Relevance has been at times interesting, inspiring, entertaining, and a bit overwhelming at times. I mean hell, these guys have been in the game for almost as long as I’ve been using computers, so y’know.... In deference to them, and in the hopes that this tiny blog picks up on their ‘ego search filters’ here goes the name drop. Stuart Holloway and Justin Gehtland are some damn nice guys.

Its one thing to talk to them for 10 minutes a day on a conference call, its another thing to be invited into their lives for a few days. The informal work atmosphere, their helpful attitude when Christian and I would ask the dumb questions that novice programmers ask when dealing with an awesome dynamic, web-based, framework like Ruby on Rails. Hell, I even saw Stu do some meta-programming to improve test coverage for any method that overrode to_s. It never worked 100% but the theory will stick with me.

That’s the kind of thing I will take with me from this working experience. The mentoring is priceless. Thank Jeebus Gray Insurance is footing the bill. I don’t want to know what they charge for training.

Enough gushing, Now to talk about my new Twitter addiction. I found out about Twitter from reading some of the Rails community blogs/news tidbits/mudsligings, so I thought I’d give it a try. After all, its built on Rails.

In a concise, hyperbolic Twitter style paragraph it is:

ADD Blogging.
Blogging on Speed.
Something Else Buzzwordy.

It appeals to me on some kind of subconscious level. Now that I have Twitteriffic.....Sweet Christmas. I use it at least twice a day. I don’t know if the desire to update strangers on what you’re doing regularly is why I do it, or if I have such an ego that I think that people care, but often times other people’s activities or musings on them can be funny, poignant, or informative. I know that I’m probably saying what others have been feeling for the duration of the service, but still, its true. 140 characters to express oneself is harder than it seems when used to blogging. But when there’s no time to blog, or what is going to be said doesn’t warrant a whole blog, it gets Twittered.

Speaking of the Rails community, being up in NC I got a taste of what people who belong to the ‘community’ think about. I had read about some kind of ‘beef’ if you can call it that between DHH and Alex of Twitter about whether or not Rails could scale to multiple databases, and it had been discussed at dinner one night. After all, almost all of the guys had just come from RailsConf, so they were talking about how the outside world viewed the ‘community.’

The Greater Good. Heh.

Wow, That really felt like Meta-Blogging. Blogging about blogging......twittering. I guess I need to blog more often so that when people Google me, they won’t end up with search results about Elaine Chao. Or do something amazing. The amazing Jorge........

I like the sound of that.

No I did not mean to search for Jorge Cao.

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