Thursday, August 23, 2007


(Requisite backstory: I used to have many retarded debates with an ex girlfriend about the nature of art and the merit of digital art programs. Needless to say, being a non-artist, I disagreed with her a lot. Good times.)

I was going to blog about how my old, Lake Pontchartrain soaked neighborhood has changed since I'd last driven through it, but something else caught the periphery of my senses, and like a ferret, I must acknowledge it.
Reading a not so fresh Penny-Arcade (below) it made me think:

Would some artists just cut to the chase and call Photoshop a game in itself, a pale comparison to the reality of actually putting ink/paint to the page? 

Would they call Photoshop something like Art Hero?

Would those people be douchebags? 


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