Friday, August 24, 2007

This Is Not My Beautiful Neighborhood

This is not my beautiful home.

I’ve driven through Lakeview twice since classes have started, and every time, I am confronted with things that surprise and trouble me. Needless to say the house has about a year of overgrowth on it, so its not easily noticeable from the street. Needless to say, things that meant something to me in that neighborhood, family, friends, girlfriend, school, are no longer there. Its one thing when someone grows up and a neighborhood just naturally changes, the inexorable march of Time does a great job of that on its own.

Its another thing when Time replaces the local Coffee & Company with a Fucking Starbucks.

Driving to school yesterday, I noticed for the second time the tourist trap Landry’s Seafood on Lakeshore drive. That place was already lost to me since its change from the fancy Bart’s on the lake, with its delicious hush puppies and The Best Urinal Ever. But still, there was something comforting about Joe’s the chain, with its Applebees cum Jaws aesthetic and shirts making double entendre’s about venereal disease.

I must be falling into the trap that most people from New Orleans do, the belief that the way it was will always be better.

“Change is evil!”

“No high-rises uptown!”

“No riverfront development in the Marigny!”

“Halt all progress! Now and forever!”

But putting locks on the 17th street canal that look like they belong in the isthmus of fucking Panama? That both confounds and astounds me.

5th grade social studies AHOY! Never thought I’d get a chance to use a word like isthmus in anything other than a geography project.

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Philip said...

Landry's is the same company as Joe's, unfortunately. It'd be nice if it were a local restaurant.. weird that the only lakeside restaurant isn't a local.. I miss Bruening's and company.