Monday, February 05, 2007

A Fire Inside................

I’ve gotta start doing timely posts like this. I feel like talking about the Aqua Teen Boston Bomb Extravaganza, but that was like, SO 4 DAYS AGO. So instead I’ll recount the evenings events, in the interest of being punctual with my news.

Arena rock. Black costumes. White instruments and amplifiers. Front firing floodlights flashing in tune with the drums. A song that sounded like Guns and Roses SO GODDAMN MUCH I was singing “I don’t need no civil waaaaaar-ow” as loud as I could. This is what AFI has become.

At least Sick Of It All was good.

At least I didn’t pay. Thank you, Canada.

So they went from this

to this???

Fashionable indeed.

Wow. Kids these days. I’m not one of those people that’ll stoop to saying things like “fucking all ages show!” cos I certainly enjoyed my fair share when I was a wee one. I remember being at the Shim Sham Club (One Eyed Matador’s) and having to stay away from what I lovingly referred to as the “big kids table,” A.K.A the bar, and instead being relegated to the dance floor and a single table with a pitcher of ice water for all the dancing children. I remember taking the bus to go downtown to see The Toasters and Mephiskapheles play at the House of Blues, and being denied entrance. All ages shows are an important part of a scene that is comprised of young fans.

BUT JESUS. It’s always sad to see a band denounce it’s roots in favor of popularity. It reminds me of a conversation I had with a local DJ who stopped playing the Drum and the Bass in favor of something more “danceable.” He’s not a millionaire, but he’s compromising his taste to again be in the favor of the fans.

A performer is not the same thing as a musician apparently. Who would’ve known. I feel so naive.

“I’d like to play me latest chart topper, it’s called ‘Me Fans Are Stupid Pigs’.” -Bart Simpson
Thank you Against All Authority, for being so close to AFI alphabetically that I was forced to find solace in your rock sauce.

At least Sick of It All was good......