Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hell, Its About Time

Starcraft II. Damn. Like any good RTS fan, I’m all about this like a Zerg on a Terran’s fayce. Damn spellchecker just doesn’t understand me. I’ve watched the gameplay videos. I’ve read IGN’s coverage. I’ve even photoshopped “Hell, its about time” onto the SCII logo for a desktop background.

I can’t deal with Blizzard’s trademark answer to the question ‘when’s it coming out?’

‘When its done.’ Period. Damn perfectionists. At least their programmers don’t have to labor under unrealistic deadlines. That’s cool.

I need to update this thing more often. I don’t really. I’ve been too busy Riding the Rails. Oh, Rails, you make coding fun! Who would have thought that an insurance company would be so forward thinking about their Bond Management software, to make a web-based application using a Object Oriented scripting language with a web-development framework that’s only 2 years old, and was designed by a 26 year old. For reals.

As said by the now effigy-ed Tychus Findlay, ‘Hell, its about time.’

Enough, I’m going to buy Starcraft ONE.