Thursday, June 14, 2007

Boot Camp Craziness

Leopard. Apple can sure hype a product beyond belief. Its uncanny. Unheimlich even. I wasn’t that psyched about Leopard until the keynote at WWDC. And now I’ve already got my credit card ready for a hot new student edition of their forthcoming OS. But I’m curious about some strangeness surrounding an announcement about the included Bootcamp that was on the Apple website before the keynote, then was strangely deleted. Here’s the text from the site:

That's right, no pesky restarts to get into Windows. Instead, the Apple menu will have a "Restart into Windows" option, which will put your Mac into a "safe sleep" state, then boot Windows. Over on the other side, you'll be able to Hibernate your Windows install, then switch back to OS X right where you left off.

Interesting! That’d be a neat trick, if only Jobs mentioned it in the keynote. It was subsequently pulled from the site, but not before Ars Technica referenced the quote in two articles
here and here. The only reason I remember that bit of copy from the site is that it was one of the features I was generally interested in. I mean seriously, fast restarts? I could get in and out of Windows with the ninja quickness? That would be awesome. Way better than a Parallels or VMware solution, at least, theoretically.

But now, the claim has been stricken from the website! I need to contact my man on the inside who’s at WWDC and see if he knows anything... This is truly more important than a reflective dock and transparent menu bar.