Thursday, July 12, 2007

Late To the Party, As Usual. I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Just watched the most recent Spiderman. What kind of fan am I, taking my sweet ass time seeing the film right? I shouldn’t have listened to everyone’s criticisms, its not like I listen to them anyway. The general timbre of the comments were of course negative, but I heard one friend say it was the best film yet.

I’m somewhere in the middle. Many leveled criticisms about the execution of the Venom suit and its effect on Peter. Emo haircuts were mentioned. Cheeziness abounds.

I seem to recall the middle of Spidey II having a heavy dose of cheese when he gave up the costume in the middle of the film. Its part of the trilogy character. Spiderman has always been made up of low-rent villains and campy one-liners when fighting said villains. These aspects of Parker in the films contribute to the overall feel of the character. He’s doesn’t even take himself seriously, neither should the audience.

I was a little pissed about how little he wore the fucking mask. Maybe I’ve been reading too many comics that revolve around identities getting revealed and their impact on the character (Civil War, Daredevil) but I mean, come ON. It must be hell for a filmmaker to shoot a character whose masked the whole time, and I’m sure the mask ensures that all of Tobey’s dialogue was ADR’d, but you know what? Thems are the breaks when it comes to superhero movies. Leave the fucking mask on. Seriously.

Probably the best envisioning of Peter Parker has been from Brian Michael Bendis. Easily. He’s one of the best writers of dialogue I think I’ve ever read in the medium. Perfect examples of it can be found in his earlier crime comics in any of a number of interrogation sequences. Pure dialogue.

But back to Parker. Bendis’ interpretation of him is one of an immature kid or man-child (Ultimate or Not-So-Ultimate) whose brain shuts down in panic situations, but leaves the mouth running. Bad jokes while fighting villains are a reflex action. I’ve heard him refer to his boots as booties. He even says tuchas. TUCHAS. I don’t think Cap would’ve called his foot accoutrements booties.

The point of this whole useless review: if everyone would lighten the hell up a bit, they might enjoy some more films of the genre. I mean, how seriously can one take a person in tights?

see, i'm perfectly aware, where it is that our love stands, but the plain fact is that you owe me 8 grand, if it helps jog your memory, i lent it to you on tuesday when we were drinking