Saturday, July 21, 2007

Let Play Catch-Up

I’ve purchased one comic book, nay Graphic Novel, since August 05 (Graphic Novel sounds so much more distinguished :P). Losing letters P thru Z in my collection kinda made me rethink my whole comic book addiction. So, I’ve been downloading comics. Stealing them. I couldn’t afford them anyway, so its not like the publishers are losing my money. Weak argument at best.

So I’ve been catching up on the cliffhangers i had in my bloated folder when the water came. Nostalgia, memory of what my life was like 2 years ago. Crazy that the funny books can summon up those feelings, but it feels like by catching up on those lingering books is one of the best things I can do in terms of ‘moving on’ in every sense.

On to the reviews. Ultimate FF. Crossover. The one with the Reed Richards zombie. Its the basis for the Marvel Zombies book that people feel so strangely about. I had been stuck since 05 on the ish where Ultimate Reed meets Other Reed. I had a lotsa crazy ideas about just what they were doing, none of which were right. I thought that it was going to be Reed from Earth-616 , meaning the regular series. I thought they were going to explain the UFF’s age since they already had an appearance in Ultimate Marvel Team Up. I thought they might put into ‘regula’ continuity the Ultimate Universe.

Nope. Zombies.

Now, set aside cynicism for a minute and think about how NIFTY that is. I think I like unexpected shit almost for the sake of its sheer improbability. Take the Stormwatch: Final Orbit story for example, Warren Ellis kills the Stormwatch station with a crossover/guest appearance by Aliens. The ones from the movie by the same title. How often does a book get some serious, world changing ramifications from crossovers? Almost never, especially crossover from other universes.

I find that anything episodic can easily become repetitive or formulaic without someone, with complete love and reverence for the material, getting in there and fucking shit up old school for a little while. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Fantastic Four. Still not their biggest fan, but I read the Ultimate incarnation. I also have read the Marvel Knights miniseries called simply 4. The reason I read Ultimate books is because they take the old continuity and turn it on its ear, and not being too attached to the characters, and their canonical origins, I can enjoy it. The only reason I read 4, is because it was about the family aspect of the FF. They lose all their money and have to move out of the Baxter Building. Reed becomes an absent minded professor, who forgets to pick up Franklin from school. Theses things interest me. The boring minutiae of life. The things that provide Real Conflict.

The kind guys in purple shorts and funny helmets can’t generate.

I also finished up Ultimates 2. In the interest of not ruining it, I will say this: If they ever made a movie out of either of those 13 ish stories, it would be pure redundancy. Bryan Hitch would have to be given co-director status a la Sin City. The storyboards would already be done, just look to the comic. The book is already so cinematic in its execution that, while I would love to see it on the big screen, it would be an unnecessary translation. So good.

i’ll bring home the turkey if you bring home the bacon