Monday, July 30, 2007

The Elusive Mac User

I’ve read two articles recently from digg about the whole Mac v. Windoze thing, both of them on, a site for Chief Information Officers presumably. I read both of them, on my Macbook Pro, using NewsFire, my awesome RSS aggregator that I got along with the rest of Macheist, so they’re not telling me anything I already don’t know. I drank the kool-aid the day I bought my first iBook.

They did however tell me things that are tired and stereotypical. Don’t bother reading the one from the CIO of Harvard Med School, its like 15 pages long. To sum up, Macs are for ‘graphic artists’ and perhaps ‘knowledge workers.’ I don’t even know what the fuck a knowledge worker is, I’m just a dumb programmer.

I, as a programmer and an avid Mac user find these assumptions to be old hat. Take a look at some of the guys on my sidebar. All excellent programmers, and by excellent I mean fucking excellent. I say daily that I hope to be nearly as good as them when I reach their age. All of them, certified Mac freaks. Warms my heart to see that the programming community is making the switch, they’re like a future snapshot of the rest of the computing world in a few years.

What I’m getting at is that the basic Mac user is no longer just a ‘graphic designer’ or a housewife who doesn’t know the mouse from the monitor, they are often some of the most intensive users of any computing platform, the elusive programmer.

I know its a dumb gripe, but I just wanted to continue the voicing of the opinion of a growing portion of the software community that the Mac is a viable platform for everything from rolling simple websites in iWeb, to quickly accessing the ability to roll out enterprise apps.

Hell even German web app developers that make kickass web frameworks use Macs. Weird huh?

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