Saturday, May 23, 2009

What do you want from me FOX Broadcasting?

So it seems that Terminator: The River Tam Sarah Conner Chronicles has been cancelled. No big surprise. I’ve read much better analysis of why the show was cancelled than I could ever hope to write, but its always the same reason these shows get cancelled: Ambitious, complex, no point of entry for new fans midseason. In short, all the things that make some television watchable. Fuck those hangers on that come in 7 weeks into a show because it came on after Idol and are CONFUSED.

Admittedly, I was part of the problem again when this show got cancelled. I didn’t watch until season 2, and even then to catch up I downloaded torrents up to what was available on Hulu, and watched the remaining 10 eps all legal and such. Even still, my Hulu viewership is a drop in the bucket to these vultures because Nielsen can’t even get their fucking web traffic numbers right.

I realized a long time ago that my viewer numbers weren’t being counted because my family wasn’t gullible enough to be a Nielsen family, so it didn’t matter if I watched or not. Shows would get cancelled based on the whimsy of the dumbasses that wonder why they get robocalls all the time (Hint: Nielsen) so why bother. Really, FOX News is consistently the most popular ‘news’ channel, but if you look at web traffic its quite the opposite:

MSNBC #1 in March 2009 for unique visitors to their website. Quite a shift eh? Polar. Fucking. Opposites. What’s the cause of this discrepancy? Less and less people are watching things on conventional television and going to the web for their entertainment and news. The people that don’t? They still watch FOX News and American Idol and Survivor. In this television climate, NOT A SINGLE SHOW I WILL EVER LIKE WILL GET RENEWED.

I finally felt like my viewership could be tracked by a site like Hulu. Web traffic? Unique visitors? Websites already do that. How could Nielsen fuck something up like that?

Until this is resolved and people’s web traffic viewership is counted for what its worth, television is doomed to be the piece of shit it has always been. Dollhouse got renewed, but it’ll be cancelled next season. Guaranteed. Fringe however crappy and pseudo-sci-fi it was, it’ll get cancelled because it doesn’t have Idol as a lead in for next season. Lead-ins? Do I really want the success or failure of a show to be determined by a mouth-breather that watches TWO PLUS CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF TV A NIGHT?? Someone that doesn’t know how to work a DVR, or download torrents, or do something as easy as going to hulu fucking dot com for their content? No, and that’s why we’ve been saddled with garbage for too long.

Wow, I don’t even want to look at a word frequency chart for this post. Bombs all over the place, but I don’t know what else to say. I’ll leave you with these little nuggets of hope though: