Thursday, February 25, 2010

GumboLabs, or How I Should Learn To Stop Worrying And Always Charge My Cellphone

I’ve been having hardware problems a lot lately. My car door has been janked since a friend of mine forgot how to put a VW stick shift in reverse and the door bent back on itself, consequently rainwater just pours into the rear drivers side floorboard.

Then my phone fell in the puddle in the floorboard. It still works, but the backlight doesn’t work and it doesn’t tell the right time. I don’t know how the fuck a cellphone that can make and receive calls can’t tell the right time; I’m just a dumb programmer. Lastly, my year old Macbook Pro has a battery that dies at 70% reported charge, so its pretty much gotta be plugged in at all times. I bring all this up because the latter two were a direct impediment to going to an event I really wanted to attend tonight, RubyBayou’s “Holy Shit Rails 3 Is Going To Be Fucking Awesome” talk. At least I think that’s what it was called.

I’ve never been to GumboLabs, so I didn’t know about the doorbell (the phone number they have posted on the door). I left my phone at home today and it lost its charge. I brought it with me just in case after I got home from my calculus class at 7:30. When I arrived very late with the meeting quite possibly over and I saw the sign I did what any good geek would do, looked for free wireless (thanks 48somethingangela for not encrypting your wireless!) and used their very nice patio furniture and started Google Voice texting the “doorbell“ and a friend that I thought was there. When that failed I tweeted RubyBayou and someone who was listed as a NOLARubyist with tweets that indicated they were probably there. Waiting for replies I read the release notes for Rails 3 again (yeah decoupling!) and tried to charge my phone. Until my computer died. With 70% charge.

You guys have what seems to be a neat and unconventional space going on (at least from the outside!) and I’m pissed at myself for missing the meeting, if it in fact still happened. I hope you guys had a good time, and I’ll even try and RSVP for the next meeting!

Side Note: I’m a husband, a full time programmer and a student, in that order (if only I could reverse the order of the last two), and this was simply a little vent at my recent hardware fails and my too busy schedule. I think New Orleans needs a strong Ruby community and I appreciate what GumboLabs and RubyBayou is doing.

If I didn’t have Bioinformatics homework on Hidden Markov Models due next week I’d be having late night hack seshes till the cows come home since I won’t be able to bring the new hotness to the Rails project that’s winding down at my job. Arel looks like the way Active Record’s query API should have worked from the beginning. Holy cow.