Tuesday, May 25, 2010

AppleCare Protection Plan for an out of warranty Mac

Man, Apple is awesome. I purchased an Apple Care Protection Plan last February, days before my computer was out of its 1 year warranty. I thought I had months to register it and promptly forgot about it while school kicked my ass until May. When I tried to register it on the web I realized I was totally hosed, so I tried to call Apple to return the unused protection plan.

To my surprise, after being redirected three times around the various Apple associates I finally got a representative that wasn't interested in refunding my money, but in figuring out if I could actually use the plan to cover my out of warranty Macbook Pro. He sat patiently while I sifted through email receipts from Apple until I found an order number showing I bought my plan while my lappy was still under warranty.

Long story short, he was able to cover my out of warranty Mac because I bought the plan before the warranty expired. Good to know, yeah?